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Downloads = No Zland 2?

11.11.2009by: Jared Pacheco

You've all seen ZOMBIELAND at least once right? Well if you did then I bet you dug the hell out of it. Understandably so too, ZOMBIELAND was awesome! And dare I see ZOMBIELAND is actually an awesome movie that should get a sequel? Usually us genre fans moan and groan at the thought of a 'sequel' but with ZOMBIELAND I get the feeling it'd be welcomed with open arms... if it happens that is.

You see this here internet may dampen plans for a ZOMBIELAND 2. How so? Well piracy of course! ZOMBIELAND co-wirter Rhett Reese updates us via his Twitter: "Zombieland currently the most pirated movie on bit torrent. Over one million downloads and counting. ...... Beyond depressing. This greatly affects the likelihood of a Zombieland 2."

Interesting. Think there's some ground to this or is Reese just trying to get more bank? Sure the insane popularity of ZOMBIELAND on the torrents is losing it a lot of money... but the flick is already a success no? And I'm willing to bet a lot of the people who downloaded the flick only did so after checking it out in theaters, and most of them will probably run out to pick up the DVD as soon as it hits shelves. I know I can't wait to get that shite!

What do you guys think? ZOMBIELAND 2 in any danger? If anyone is in the know it would be Reese right? Hopefully we'll find out soon if ZOMBIELAND 2 is in fact a go or not. As always be sure to keep it here for updates!

ZOMBIELAND star Amber Heard
Extra Tidbit: What would you like to see in a ZOMBIELAND sequel?
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