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DP to DVD, but no PT

06.11.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
After the Robert Rodriguez/ Quentin Tarantino double feature GRINDHOUSE bombed at the box office, there was speculation that The Weinstein Co. would release the two films (DEATH PROOF and PLANET TERROR, respectfully) separately in theaters. Lucky for movie goers that actually checked it out at the local cineplex, that didn't happen.

But it appears that we're not getting off so lucky on DVD, as Davis DVD got the heads up that QT's DEATH PROOF will be hitting DVD September 18th... but so far, no release date has been given for RR's PLANET TERROR. That's right, they're releasing them separately, the greedy bastards!

Maybe down the line we'll see the two packaged together, but it looks like for it's initial DVD release, the two films will be released separately- I can only hope all the fake trailers are on both discs as special features or something, because it'd be a shame to miss out on those gems completely.

When I first heard that GRINDHOUSE was hitting DVD in September, I was stoked! But now that I know they're being released individually... I don't know man, but it really bums me out! I want the full double feature experience! Who knows how long we'll have to wait until they release the flicks on DVD together- or if they ever will!

Stick around as we find out more about this horrible news, and to check out the full scoop, go ahead and click HERE. QT's DEATH PROOF hits DVD stands everywhere September 18th.
Source: DavisDVD



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