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04.01.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Sam Raimi's return to horror, DRAG ME TO HELL, is coming to theaters on MAY 29 - a little under two months. If you can't stand the wait, you can feast your eyeballs on the poster for the film, which we just received. Indeed, it would appear that lead character Christine Brown is being dragged to hell - although I can tell you that in the film version the circumstances are not quite as literal as the poster.

Here's the official synopsis, in case you've never read it:

Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is an ambitious L.A. loan officer with a charming boyfriend, professor Clay Dalton (Justin Long). Life is good until the mysterious Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) arrives at the bank to beg for an extension on her home loan. Should Christine follow her instincts and give the old woman a break? Or should she deny the extension to impress her boss, Mr. Jacks (David Paymer), and get a leg-up on a promotion? Christine fatefully chooses the latter, shaming Mrs. Ganush and dispossessing her of her home.

In retaliation, the old woman places the powerful curse of the Lamia on Christine, transforming her life into a living hell. Haunted by an evil spirit and misunderstood by a skeptical boyfriend, she seeks the aid of seer Rham Jas (Dileep Rao) to save her soul from eternal damnation. To help the shattered Christine return her life to normal, the psychic sets her on a frantic course to reverse the spell. As evil forces close in, Christine must face the unthinkable: how far will she go to break free of the curse?

Extra Tidbit: Despite looking all of 21, Lohman turns 30 this September.
Source: AITH



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