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Dragon Wasps light up on DVD April 9th

02.27.2013by: Ryan Miller

In the mood for some good ol' fashion B-movie nonsense? XLrator Media has got you covered with their latest DRAGON WASPS that pins two horrible things together — which would be wasps and of course, burning alive! The good folks in the UK have been enjoying this little flick for quite some time now but it is finally getting its very own release here in the States. Look for it on DVD on APRIL 9, 2013 and on VOD on MARCH 7, 2013

When her father mysteriously disappears on an expedition, beautiful entomologist Gina Humphries and her fiery assistant, Rhonda, set out to search the rain forests of Belize. Due to numerous robberies and assaults in the jungle, they are escorted by heavily-armed soldiers. Guerillas, lead by the infamous Jaguar, ambush the convoy and incite a bloody shootout. Just when things can’t get worse, a horde of murderous Dragon Wasps, massive flying bugs that shoot flame from their abdomens, swarms the soldiers. Now the military must defeat Jaguar’s bandits and survive the fearsome insect onslaught as they venture inside the Dragon Wasps’ hive.

Directed by Joe Knee, DRAGON WASPS stars Corin Nemec, Dominika Juillet, Benjamin Easterday, and Nikollete Noel. You can check out the trailer below. You can pre-order it right HERE.

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