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DreamWorks is Wicked

10.22.2009by: Jake Dee

So it appears that DreamWorks, in an attempt to secure all things emo-adolescent, has just picked up a five-book series deal from brothers Aaron and Matthew Benay entitled “Wicked” (which was actually penned by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie).

According to THR, DW has secured the rights for a mid 6-figure deal and look to adapt the novels, at least in part (Co-Pres. Mark Sourian optioned the rest of the series).

Either way, “Wicked” has been described by some in the camp as: "'TWILGIHT meets WANTED with witchcraft." The young-adult "Wicked" novels include "Witch," "Curse," "Legacy," "Spellbound" and "Resurrection." The books detail the struggle of Holly Cathers, who moves in with an aunt after her parents die and becomes drawn into a dark world of secrets and magic.

Hmmm. So Harry Potter for the female tweener crowd. Nice!

The Brothers Benay have written the Pixar film1906 (set to screen in 2012) and the Brian Grazer produced YAKUZA BULLETS set up at Universal.

No word yet when or which of the first “Wicked” entries will be adapted to the big screen. Judging by the above titles, I’m going for either “Curse” or “Resurrection.”

How about you?

Extra Tidbit: DreamWorks is also adapting 39 CLUES, which may not only be directed by Steven Spielberg, but may be inked by THE TERMINAL (featuring the lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones) and CATCH ME IF YOU CAN scribe Jeff Nathanson.
Source: THR



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