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DreamWorks wins bid for Amblin-like sci-fi thriller Glimmer

06.06.2012by: Jake Dee

In one of the shortest briefs I can remember seeing, Variety has it that DreamWorks has just won a bidding war for an Amblin-esque, found-footage sci-fi thriller script called GLIMMER.

Logline is being held under lock and key, but we do know the spec script, dealing with teens and time travel, was written by Carter Blanchard. DW beat out Paramount for the spec, spending a high six-figures to win the rights.

Blanchard has DEAD ASLEEP (BEDBUGS) in development at New Line, so it's clear the dude has a love for genre material. How the talent translates is yet to be seen, and as always, we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Until we learn more, let us know what your favorite Amblin film is. Your least favorite as well.

Imogen Poots, star of DW's FRIGHT NIGHT

Extra Tidbit: Blanchard also has a JAWS mockbuster and a thriller called DRIVER in the works.
Source: Variety



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