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Dress like Alice from Resident Evil this Halloween: Here's how!

Oct. 31, 2012by: Eric Walkuski

Hey ladies (and some of you gents), would you like to go to your Halloween party dressed as the sexiest ass-kicker in movies today? Of course you do! Hence, we're providing this handy RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION digital infograph so you'll be all set to strap on some spandex and look just like Milla Jovovich's Alice!

All you need? Leather bustier, bodysuit, knee-high boots - the usual. You can also cut out an Umbrella symbol for your vest. Oh, and a "toy" gun, although feel free to bring a real one (preferably unloaded, let's not get crazy) to wave in people's faces and prove your don't-give-a-f*ck attitude.

Click the image below to see a bigger version!

Extra Tidbit: Sexier costume: Milla's Alice or Kate Beckinsale's Selene?

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