The Dude Designs' Video Nasty poster is badass and fights breast cancer

If you've been around the horror scene long enough, you've probably seen some artwork from Dude Designs. Scream! Factory's THEY LIVE Blu-ray artwork, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN's iconic Grindhouse poster, the recent HYPOTHERMIA 80s style one-sheet-- The Dude's resume of awesome goes on and on. I am pleased to report the esteemed genre artist has hiked the bar of badass with his latest poster, Video Nasty. The limited (numbered to 150) 18"x 24" art synthesizes everything that was great about the mainstream VHS horror boom of the 80s. The Dude himself describes his inspiration:

"I wanted to give the piece a visual concept to centre the design around, so I put my creative thinking/panic cap on and thought, 'What did I love about horror films and Halloween.' I instantly hit on the idea of renting scary videos from the rental store for Halloween or any other night of the week and how much fun it was, something which I think every one of us Gen-Xers can relate to. So, I really wanted to celebrate that and have this piece as a love letter to the horror movie VHS (and Betamax!) down at your local video rental shop."

Do you need more of an incentive to scoop this beauty up? Well, to top it all off, for every one sheet sold The Poster Collective kicks in $1.00 toward Keep A Breast, the leading worldwide non-profit breast cancer organization among youths. The sale starts through Poster Collective at 10:00 am EST on October 19th (that's this Friday). Check out the full poster in all its gory glory along with the sales details below.

Hand Numbered Edition of 150 (will never be printed again)

Fine art Giclée printed on thick 430gsm textured paper 18″ x 24″

$1.00 per print will be donated to Keep A Breast (if we sell out we will kick in an additional $50.00 donation)

$45.00 USD + S/H (Only $3.00 for US orders - Shipping in cardboard poster tube/ poster rolled in craft paper. International Shipping $15.00 – love you guys, but it ain’t cheap to ship to ya!)

Extra Tidbit: For those not familiar with the term, The Dude says "The title 'Video Nasty' refers to a controversial UK phrase and I guess it’s the British equivalent of the American Grindhouse movement."



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