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06.29.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

ALLIGATOR -September 18th

With the recent pimping out of killer crocodile movies, it's only fair that killer alligator movies are represented as well- like this gem, from 1980, finally showing it's ugly head on DVD. With Robert Forster rockin' it old-school, there's no doubt this should be at the top of your must-have lists. And if it's not... well, then something's wrong with you.

The Goods:

  • a newly remastered anamorphic widescreen transfer
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • audio commentary with director Lewis Teague and cast
  • new on-camera interview with screenwriter John Sayles


    Just in time for RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION, this double-pack DVD is worth it for the scene that bridges the two films together (previously unseen), and a free ticket to check out EXTINCTION in theaters. Can't go wrong with a free ticket! If you're a fan of the series, and for some reason don't have these already, then this is for you! If you're like me and don't give a flying f*ck, then at least the cover is hot enough to drool over.

    The Goods:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Free movie ticket to see the upcoming "Resident Evil: Extinction."
  • New bridge scene, narrated by Milla Jovovich, that will recap the first two films into the third
  • Sneak Peek at "Extinction"
  • "Diary of an Apocalypse" Featurette
  • "Zombie Dog P.O.V Test" Featurette
  • "Stuntman Set Tour" Featurette
  • "Undead Boot Camp" Featurette
  • "Memory Retention Division" Featurette
  • Evil Archives Photo Gallery

    CUJO - September 25th

    Lionsgate could be releasing probably one of the coolest Stephen King DVD's ever, and what do they do? They release in Mono. In Fullscreen. Bah! What the hell is going on here? It's like releasing the anti-DVD! Ah well, the three part documentary should easily make-up for this shoddy display of DVD releases.

    The Goods:

  • Fullscreen transfer
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 track
  • Audio commentary by director Lewis Teague
  • "Dog Days: The Making of Cujo" documentary featuring all-new interviews with Teague, Dee Wallace, Dan Pintauro, producers Daniel H. Blatt and Robert Singer, King biographer Douglas E. Winter and others.

    BELIEVERS - October 16th

    You've been wondering what the hell that guy from THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT has been doing with himself, and now... here you go. This movie, that's what. It's about cults with slick neck tattoos. And Kool-Aid. Ok, I don't really know about the Kool-Aid, but that'd tie this whole thing together, wouldn't you agree? Check it out this Halloween season.

    The Goods:

  • 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen
  • English Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Commentary by Director Daniel Myrick
  • extended Lina Vance interview
  • Introduction to the Facility feature
  • The Teacher (hidden camera)
  • Io Explains the Formula (night vision) feature
  • The Aftermath (forensic video)
  • Trailer

    DVD Covers:

    Honorable Mentions:

    THE CONDEMMED –September 18th - Because it's THE BATTLE ROYALE meets SUVIVOR. With wrestlers. Why the hell not?

    FROM BEYOND –September 11th – Because this classic is finally seeing the director's cut it so rightly deserves

    TALES FROM THE CRYPT: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON –October 23rd – Because the Cryptkeeper always spells a good time... even seven seasons in.

    That's all for this week! Stay tuned every week for your latest DVD news, and as always, feel free to shoot me an email ([email protected] ) for any & all DVD news, scoops, and easter eggs!

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