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11.02.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

JOSHUA - January 8th

Any movie with Vera Farmiga in it, and you can just about count my ass there. How is this chick so hot? Whether playing the mom figure in RUNNING SCARED, or the girlfriend in THE DEPARTED, she does an amazing job of lookin' hot... and yeah, I guess she can act too. Therefore, he presence alone is enough to make this flick worth it, but apparently it's actually a damn fine movie... wish they would have kept the more original theatrical poster art here, but whatevah... this works!

The Goods:

  • English DTS 5.1
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Commentary by writer/director George Ratliff and writer David Gilbert
  • Six deleted scenes
  • Aa DVD exclusive of Dave Matthews music video for his song “Fly”
  • Cast and crew interviews
  • Jacob Kogan’s audition tapes
  • Trailers

    DEATH SENTENCE - January 8th

    Given no respect upon it's theatrical release, DEATH SENTENCE is gearing up to make a killing on DVD. Why? Cause people will rent it... then they'll talk about it... and the next thing you know, everyone will have this awesome little revenge movie they want to show you, acting as though it's their own, personal little secret. Yup, this flick has 'cult following' written all over it. But this cover? Again, should've stuck with the theatricla black and white image of Kevin Bacon holding a bat... but I guess this one will do.

    The Goods:

  • Unrated Cut (including 10 minutes of added footage)
  • Theatrical Cut
  • 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen
  • English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • Two Fox Movie Channel Presents features (Making A Scene, and Life After Film School with Kevin Bacon)
  • Multiple webisodes (Director James Wan, Transforming Nick Hume, The Cars, Creating the Character Bill Darley, James Wan: From Horror to Action, Making the Garage Sequence, Fight Choreography & Stunts, Shooting the Chase, Designing the Look, and The Car Drop)


    SUNSHINE - January 8th

    ARMAGEDDON. That's what I think of when I see this cover. I think of Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, and Steve Buscemi walking in slow motion as they board the space shuttle on a mission to save the world. I don't think of the new flick from Danny Boyle, but then again, I haven't seen it yet, so maybe that's why... It's not that artwork here is bad, it's just been done before. As I write this, Michael Bay is secretly laughing his ass off.

    The Goods:

  • Anamorphic widescreen
  • English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • Commentary By Director Danny Boyle
  • Deleted scenes including an alternate ending
  • Ttwo short films (Dad’s Dead Directed By Chris Shepherd, and Mole Hills Directed By Dan Arnold)
  • 22 web production diaries.


    The man, the myth, the legend... Bruce Campbell! Starz Entertainment are re-eleasing a few of his most recent gems back to DVD, with new cover art, and a newly remastered transfer. Dig that cover? I do! I mean, he's holding his own brain... which is on fire... and that stache... man, this is epic. Of course, most reports of this film are on the negative side of things, but in my book, with Campbell on the screen, you can't really go wrong. Hell, even his Old Spice commercials are entertaining!

    The Goods:

  • 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen
  • English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround


    DVD Covers:

    Honorable Mentions:

    MOH: THE V WORD –December 11th – Because it’s written by series creator Mick Garris, and I can only imagine what V word they’re referring to!

    ALIEN APOCALYPSE –December 18th – Because it’s Bruce Campbell, kickin’ ass in Ash mode once again!

    THE ATTIC –January 15th - Because it’s from the director of PET SEMATARY, and frankly… the cover art is giving me the creeps!

    That's all for this week! Stay tuned every week for your latest DVD news, and as always, feel free to shoot me an email ([email protected] ) for any & all DVD news, scoops, and easter eggs!

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