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DVD Buzz-Saw #33

12.01.2005by: BiggNewt


Universal has released the early details and cover art for the video-game adaption Doom (see Arrow's review here). The film starring Rocky Miavia, or uh...Dwayne Johnson will be available in Unrated and Rated editions on February 7th, 2006. Along with the cheesy yet fitting cover art is the extras list...


  • 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen Unrated version - Running Time: 1 Hour and 53 minutes
  • Full frame Rated version - Running Time: 1 hour and 41 minutes
  • English, French and Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks.
  • A first person shooter sequence
  • A featurette on the cast training with the SAS
  • A featurette that explores the locations, weapons and creatures, and another featurette exploring the Doom franchise.

No Pre Order info yet.

THE FOG (2005)

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment recently gave us the early scoop on releasing the recent remake of The Fog on January 24th. Now we have the cover art for the Unrated Edition. Color the movie poster blue, superimpose Superman and his hottie companion and bada bing, you got the cover art.


  • Extras on both discs include seven deleted scenes with optional director's commentary
  • A Feeling the Effects of the Fog featurette
  • A Seeing Through the Fog featurette
  • A Whiteout Conditions: The Remake of a Horror Classic feature
  • Trailers.

To Pre-Order this absolutely top-notch remake of a horror classic (just kidding) Click Here!

POLTERGEIST The Legacy: Complete First Season

Sony Pictures has announced a five-disc box set release for Poltergeist: The Legacy. "The Legacy" is a secret society that began many centuries ago to accumulate knowledge and artifacts to help fight against the evil in the world. This particular Legacy team is set in San Francisco in a castle-like house on Angel Island. Dr. Derek Rayne (Derek de Lint) heads up the team comprised of psychiatrist, Rachel Corrigan (Helen Shaver); priest, Philip C. (Patrick Fitzgerald); ex-Navy SEAL, Nick Boyle (Martin Cummins); and researcher/psychic Alex Moreau (Robbi Chong). The set will be available February 7th, 2006. No extras have been announced.

Click here to check your VITAL signs...


Updating you on the news of the upcoming DVD from Lions Gate, Saw II (see Arrow's review here), they have now provided the cover art. It's basically the same as the movie poster but it's still pretty damn cool. The extras in case you missed them...


  • Audio commentary by director Darren Lynn Bousman and star Donnie Wahlberg
  • Interviews
  • The Making of SAW II featurette
  • The Traps of SAW II featurette
  • Creating the World of SAW II featurette
  • Sounds of SAW II featurette
  • Sharpening the Blade: The Postproduction of SAW II featurette
  • Trailers

That's it for this latest edition of Buzz-Saw, *insert cheesy sign-off phrase here*...



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