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DVD Buzz-Saw #36

12.23.2005by: BiggNewt


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the cover art and some minor details about it's upcoming film Death Tunnel (READ ARROW'S REVIEW HERE) . The disc is set hit the shelves on February 28th. The cover art for this "Haunted-Sanitarium" flick is strange to say the least, judging by it, one could only think the movie is going to be a little weird. The details are that it will presented in 1.78:1 widescreen transfer with Dolby Digital 5.1. Told you they we're minor.

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According to TV Show on DVD , The third season of Tales From the Crypt will be releasing on March 21st, 2006. Here is the excerpt from the announcement made by Warner Bros.

" Yes, that die-abolical punster and bone-a-fide ghoul of your dreams the Crypt Keeper is back to host this scare-rific collection of all 14 complete and uncut episodes from Season 3 of the series that ran seven memorably spooktacular seasons. Among the tales spilling out of the vault are Loved to Death, with Mariel Hemingway as a woman zapped by a love potion; Top Billing, starring Jon Lovitz as a struggling actor who'll do anything for a part; and Dead Wait, with Whoopi Goldberg as an occult priestess who knows who do that voodoo. Do yourself a favor and dig into this merrily macabre mix. "

Guest stars include: Michael J. Fox, Teri Garr, Mariel Hemingway, Kyle MacLachlan, Beau Bridges, John Astin, Sandra Bernhard, Bruce Boxleitner, Jon Lovitz, Whoopi Goldberg, James Remar, John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell, George Wendt, William Atherton, Tim Roth, John Glover, Ally Walker, Steven Weber, Rita Wilson, Marg Helgenberger, Anthony LaPaglia, Dan Aykroyd, Kirk Douglas and Lance Henriksen.

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Although the show has garnered some good attention and ratings, the reviews haven't been the best as of yet. Now IDT Entertainment who produces the series via Showtime is set to release the shows through Anchor Bay. The catch? They are being released individually and a high price. Read on for the announces list of titles and estimated prices of of now...


  • March 28th
    ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - John Carpenter: Cigarette Burns (Ep. # 8)
    ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Stuart Gordon: Dreams in the Witch House (Ep. # 2)
    ($29.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Carpenter/Gordon 2-pack
  • May 9th
    ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Don Coscarelli: Incident On and Off A Mountain Road (Ep. # 1)
    ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Mick Garris: Chocolate (Ep. # 5)
    ($29.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Coscarelli/Garris 2-pack
  • June 27th
    ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - John Landis: Deer Woman (Ep. # 7)
    ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Lucky McKee: Sick Girl (Ep. # 11)
    ($29.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Landis/McKee 2-pack
  • July 18th
    ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Larry Cohen: Pick Me Up (Ep. # 9)
    ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Joe Dante: Homecoming (Ep. # 6)
    ($16.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - John McNaughton: Haeckel's Tale (Ep. # 13)
    ($29.98 SRP) Masters of Horror - Cohen/Dante/McNaughton 3-pack

Commentary tracks will be found on the Masters of Horror - John Carpenter: Cigarette Burns DVD by story writers Scott Swan and Drew McWeeny. We don't know yet whether or not there's also a commentary track by director John Carpenter, which of course would be the commentary that viewers would actually be jonesing for.

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That's it for this installment in DVD Buzz-Saw , check back in the next column for news on MORE HORROR DVD NEWS !



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