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DVD Buzz-Saw #38

01.13.2006by: BiggNewt


No, you won't find this at your local library but you will be able to find it on DVD shelves come April 11th. Tempe Video will be releasing Carnage For Dummies, from writer/director Chris Seaver. The highly-complex plot is about the kids of Bonejack Heights putting together a Halloween haunted-house attraction. One of them decides to dedicate the show to a heavy-metal god called The Destroyer, but sincerely regrets it when the Destroyer comes to life and starts slaughtering everyone in sight. I smell a couple guitar decapitations..


  • Audio commentary by Seaver
  • Audio commentary by the cast and crew
  • Half-hour behind-the-scenes featurette
  • Rehearsal footage
  • “Epic Metal” commercial
  • Splatter Rampage DVD trailers

No Pre-Order information yet...


Urban Vision Entertainment has created a new label for their "live-action" films, entitled AsiaVision. Its first DVD release is Curse, Death, & Spirit, a collection of made-for-TV ghost stories by Hideo Nakata, director of the first two Ringu films and the original Dark Water. Two of the tales, The Cursed Doll and The Haunted Inn , were scripted by Hiroshi Takahashi, while the second segment, The Spirit of the Dead , was penned by Akihiko Shiota. The disc includes an image gallery and htis DVD shelves on March 7th.

The second DVD release from AsiaVision will be Kill Devil, directed by Yuichi Onuma from a script by Hiroshi Kanno and Mikaho Ishikawai. This film is set on a deserted island where the government conducts experiments on young people born with a “murder gene” that causes them to violently kill each other (think Battle Royale meets 28 Days Later). This disc will be released April 4 and include an alternate ending, still gallery and trailers.

Also on AsiaVision's 2006 schedule is Kokkuri, directed by Takahisa Zeze from a script he wrote with Kishu Izuchi, about Japanese schoolgirls who become obsessed with the titular spirit. AsiaVision will also be sending selected titles into limited big-screen play, beginning with a spring launch of Azumi, a violent swordplay epic by Versus' Ryuhei Kitamura. Keep your eyes here for future updates on AsiaVision titles; a website for the label will be open soon at AsiaVisionFilms.com


Normally, I do not include Region 2 DVD's on this site, but this is a pretty good (and long awaited) release of a classic film. George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, is finally getting a good DVD release (aside from the Millenium Edition). The steel-enclosed DVD set will include three discs. The first being thre 1968 Black & White version (uncut), the second is the colorized version (also uncut), and the third being an extra supplement DVD containing interviews, documentaries and other goodies. The films will be presented in 1:33:1 format, but no word on what the audio options will be. Here's hoping some of the folks here in North America wise up and release a set like this for an all-time classic.

That's it for DVD Buzz-Saw , check back in the next column for news on the lastest "mind-controlling, bad influencial movies" we all love!

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