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DVD RELEASES: January, February, March genre DVD releases!

Jan. 22, 2010by: The Arrow

Our  GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES has been updated on our dinky website and it's looking sweeeeet on the kicking it with films at home front. Lots of beer, homies and nacho fodder here. Personally, I so have to see the  HALLOWEEN 2 DIRECTOR'S CUT  and Christopher Smith's new flick  TRIANGLE. I also have to buy both  UNIVERSAL SOLDIER REGENERATION and  LAW ABIDING CITIZEN and will tap the  CABIN FEVER 2 sequel bareback for more reasons than one. Check out below what's to come on DVD and Blu ray in February and March with a couple of key January titles tossed in there for good measures. Hope some of them cranks your dial to F*CK YEAH!

JANUARY 2010 / FEBRUARY 2010 / MARCH 2010

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