Dylan McDermott is given Mercy in the Stephen King adaptation

From "American Horror Story" to a Stephen King adaptation...the horror genre is showing no MERCY on Dylan McDermott!

According to Variety, McDermott has just been added to the cast of MERCY, Peter Cornwell's adaptation of King's short story "Gramma." As you told you last month, SUPER 8's Joel Courtney and "TWD's" Chandler Riggs will play the two young leads. Francis O'Connor will play the two boys' mother.

If you've not read up on MERCY, the story follows two young boys who go with their single mother (Frances O'Connor) to take care of their elderly, senile grandmother named Mercy, only to discover that she's a witch who made a pact with a dark force many years before.

Universal and Blumhouse are producing, while Cornwell appears to emerging from director's jail after the woeful HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT. Dude better suit and perform community service by giving us a solid picture to watch.

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Source: Variety



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