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Early Three... Extremes DVD news

10.25.2005by: Pat Torfe

Fango is at it again, this time with early news on the THREE... EXTREMES DVD, and the film hasn't even been released yet!

According to the air surrounding the film, it appears that Fruit Chan's contribution to the film (the short entitled ) was actually a feature length film cut down to a bite-size portion for the movie. Thanks to the marvel that is DVD, we'll be able to see the full-length film come February, when the DVD for THREE... EXTREMES is released. As for the rest of the DVD, it'll be a 2-disc affair, with commentary by Takashi Miike (in Japanese with subtitles) on his story. More extras will be announced in the future, so stay tuned.

For those who missed the background on the short, click for info and also the small clip that was released for the short.

But what about the other two shorts, you ask? Well, here's the rundown from the

Ryu Ji-Ho is a successful film director who has earned wide and solid respect from audiences and critics alike. Wealthy, respected, talented, happily-married, good-looking and also kind in nature -- everything about Ryu is the definition of Mr. Perfect... that is, until he returns home one day after finishing a shoot to encounter a complete stranger in his living room.

The stranger is a male extra whom Ryu had never paid attention to. Probably no one else ever did either. Madly jealous of the director’s good fortune, the man is there to destroy. He has brought along a child and has taken Ryu’s pianist wife as a hostage. He offers Ryu two choices, to kill the child or to watch his wife’s fingers being cut off -- one after another. Either way, Ryu’s life will never be the same again. Tormented by the dilemma, the people in the house cannot but fall prey to the madman’s monstrosity -- which gradually proves itself to be contagious.

Kyoko is a successful novelist and a renowned beauty, yet she confines herself to a solitary life behind a veil of secrecy. She has ambivalent feelings towards her editor who is obviously infatuated with her. Kyoko, however, is not in a position to open her heart to her editor... or to anyone.

It all began with a traumatic experience in her childhood that has remained unspoken. At the tender age of ten, Kyoko accidentally caused her twin sister Shoko -- a rival for the affection of their surrogate father Hikita -- to be burned to death. Stricken by grief, Hikita vanished shortly afterwards. Kyoko has been haunted by the memory of her twin since, and she has devoted her life to the search for Hikita whom her editor coincidentally resembles. Kyoko is uncontrollably attracted to him and at the same time terrorized by it – is there something beyond pure coincidence?

Source: Fangoria



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