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Eastern Promises 2?!

03.31.2009by: Eric Walkuski

I guess we can now give EASTERN PROMISES the subtitle: "Nikolai Begins."

In a chat with MTV, David Cronenberg announced that he, actor Viggo Mortensen, producer Paul Webster, and screenwriter Steven Knight are currently plotting EASTERN PROMISES 2 (although I'm sure better title than that will be hatched). “We are moving forward with it,” Cronenberg told MTV News in an exclusive chat. “We all are excited about the idea of doing a sequel.”

“We are going to have a meeting very soon between me, Steve Knight and Paul Webster to discuss what the script would be,” Cronenberg said. “I have some very strong ideas about what I would like to see, but I would like to hear what they have to say as well. And then after that, if all goes well, Steve goes away and writes a great script. If we all like it, we make it.”

I actually can dig on the idea. Sequels don't have to be just for horror flicks and blockbuster franchises. Especially considering the ending of EASTERN PROMISES sets up the potential for another movie. And while I don't love the flick, it has enough interesting stuff in it that I'd most be curious to check out the further adventures of Viggo's newly christened crime boss. (No word yet if Naomi Watts or Vincent Cassel are in the cards for the follow-up, but I assume they'll be integral to the story.)

I am, however, certain they'll once again find a way to figure Viggo's schlong into the plot...

Extra Tidbit: Cronenberg appears in the films JASON X and THE STUPIDS. Must've owed some favors...
Source: MTV



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