Eduardo Sanchez says a Blair Witch Project sequel 'seems inevitable'

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I've always had a soft spot for Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez's 1999 found footage classic THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT as I found the film to be quite effective back when I first saw it at a midnight screening in a darkened theater upon its release. The film had many imitators and while it wasn't the first found footage film, its success launched a found footage craze that is still going strong today (much to the chagrin of some folks who can't stand the format).

In 2000 we were given the sequel BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2, a film that was rushed into production to capitalize on the BLAIR WITCH craze but failed to impress many viewers (hey, I dug it!). For years fans have wondered if we would ever see another sequel, and now our brothers in fright over at Dread Central have asked Eduardo Sanchez, who also directed last years superior found footage Bigfoot film EXISTS, about the possibility of exploring the BLAIR WITCH mythology further. His response gives us hope that we could see it happen sooner rather than later. Says Sanchez...

“We have been talking to Lionsgate and there has been a little bit of movement but nothing is concrete. The film seems inevitable to me, but really it’s just a matter of it being the right time. I’m thinking it’s going to happen sooner than later at this point, but I always say that. There’s always rumblings and certain ideas being pushed around and such. While I don’t have anything firm to talk about now, it wouldn’t surprise me if something happened within the next year or two.”

I'm down! A BLAIR WITCH sequel could be the shot-in-the-arm the found footage format needs, if they decide to go that route. Even if they take a more traditional approach I'd still be excited for another go around with the BLAIR WITCH. Lionsgate, make it happen!

Extra Tidbit: Would you still like to see another sequel to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT?
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