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Elijah Wood joins Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter

Aug. 4, 2014by: Jake Dee

And Elijah Wood continues his torrid genre affair...

Deadline has it that Wood has just joined the cast of THE LAST WITCH HUNTER, which also stars Vin Diesel and Michael Caine. Breck Eisner (THE CRAZIES) is directing the supernatural action flick, which goes under the lens later this month.

Conceived by Cory Goodman, scripted by Burk Sharpless and Matta Sazama (as well as D.W. Harper and Melissa Wallace):

In The Last Witch Hunter, an immortal witch hunter (Diesel) partners with his natural enemy, a female witch, to stop the covens of NYC from unleashing a plague on humanity.

No specifics on Wood's part were offered, but we do know Rose Leslie is also part of the cast. We also know that this continues a serious run of genre pics for Wood, who has recently headlined stuff like MANIAC, GRAND PIANO, OPEN WINDOWS, COOTIES and others. Not sure about you, but I'm glad little Frodo has turned to the dark-side!

More on THE LAST WITCH HUNTER as it begins filming...

Extra Tidbit: Which of the mentioned genre flick was Elijah best in?
Source: Deadline


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