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Eliza Roberts moves into Self Storage; plus new set photos

Jul. 23, 2012by: Andy Madrzak

A couple of days ago, we brought you the news that the one and only Eric Roberts joined the cast of the genre flick SELF STORAGE. Now, that cast has expanded even more and the latest newcomer happens to be none other than the aforementioned actor's spouse, Eliza Roberts (above), whom you might have seen in such movies as ANIMAL HOUSE and KICKING AND SCREAMING. On a related note, you can also check out Michael Berryman on the set in two newly released pics below.

Self Storage tells the story of Jake, the night watchman working at a highly-secured self-storage facility. His pals are home from college and looking to party. Jake decides to invite them to his work and throw a fiesta of his own. Innocent mischief turns a naughty night of sex, drugs and rock & roll into an evening of pure terror. Barbed wire fences are meant to keep people out, but these fences keep people in. 

Mrs. Roberts joins her husband, as well as Michael Berryman and Jonathan Silverman. The film, directed by Chad A. Verdi, is currently shooting in Rhode Island. You can check out the movie's Facebook page HERE.

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