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Elizabeth Banks goes homicidal in Alan Ball-scripted What's the Matter with Margie?

05.18.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Can you picture sweet, adorable Elizabeth Banks as a psycho killer? Not easy to do, but sometimes it's the cute ones you have to watch out for. Banks actually did pull off a decent villainous turn in the otherwise forgettable THE UNINVITED, but her latest gig as a dangerous beauty sounds much more appealing.

Banks will star in the dark comedy WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH MARGIE?, it was announced today at the Cannes Film Festival. Flick was written by "True Blood" mastermind Alan Ball, and will be helmed by TV vet Dan Minahan ("True Blood", "Game of Thrones").

In MARGIE, Banks will play a downtrodden officer worker who, after years of being stepped on by her colleagues, finally snaps and resorts to murder as a solution to her problems.

Sounds like a crowd-pleaser!

The film is scheduled to start shooting in early 2013 in Los Angeles. Myriad Pictures is repping the film at Cannes and is presenting the rights to buyers as we speak.

"What's the Matter With Margie? is first and foremost a great script. It is very funny and dark and brilliant in the way that only Alan Ball can write. I look forward to seeing the story come to life on screen. We are excited to be working with Alan and Dan; this is a fabulous role that we know Liz Banks will knock out of the park," Myriad CEO Kirk D'Amico said.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to finding out WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH MARGIE?
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1:27PM on 05/18/2012
I loves me some Lizzy Banks , and it sounds like a gas , color me Down !!
I loves me some Lizzy Banks , and it sounds like a gas , color me Down !!
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