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Ellis adapts Grove

02.22.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
Author Bret Easton Ellis, the man who gave us AMERICAN PSYCHO's Patrick Bateman, as well as the crazy college world of Bateman's brother in THE RULES OF ATTRACTION, has been tapped to adapt DOWNER'S GROVE to the big screen.

Based on the novel by Michael Hornburg, GROVE is about a young high school girl living her high school life with the knowledge that every year around graduation time, someone from their school dies in a most bizarre way - who is it gonna be this year???

I guess the book's pretty good, touching on all things high school: drug abuse, father issues, horny teens, and bizarre deaths. Sounds like I'm living the 90s all over again!

Mangrove Entertainment is producing the flick - should be interesting to see who they can scrap together to star in this once Ellis adapts the story to the big screen. I see fun, fun times ahead, that's for sure...

For more information on this announcement, click HERE, and stick arond for more on DOWNERS GROVE as we hear it!



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