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Englund Elms again?

03.10.2007by: The Arrow

Horror legend Robert Englund recently had a lengthy finger knives chat with PlayBoy where he covered lots of interesting ground. Here is an excerpt of him addressing a "maybe" return to Elm Street.

"The next Freddy movie might be on the back burner, but there is talk of a documentary-style prequel of Elm Street. I would play myself, and first you’d see the crimes against the children, the cops solve the case, Freddy gets caught. Then the cool part is the shyster lawyers get him off and, of course, the parents and PTA burn him alive. 

All the alcoholic, valium-popping soccer moms burn Freddy alive while masturbating. I don’t know—whatever the hell they’ve got in mind. I wouldn’t mind dying my hair red and doing a prequel, getting down and dirty about who this Fred Krueger was before he became a crispy critter."

Personally, I hope this prequel idea DOESN'T happen. I already know more than enough about Freddy's roots via what the series has disclosed thus far (Part 1-3-5 and specially 6 were all about that stuff). I don't need the story regurgitated to me again. I'd take another Freddy VS Somebody instead. But that's just me! Read up on more Englund bla-bla  HERE.

Freddy Krueger should fight this guy next! PLACE YOUR BETS!

Nightmare on Mel Street!



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