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Enter parallel worlds through Wolfgang Meyer's 15 Till Midnight trailer

06.06.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

If you're a frequent reader of the site, you probably recall hearing about Wolfpak Industry Productions and Zeroinside Films' 15 TILL MIDNIGHT. We talked about it a few times as it went through the production cycle last year. It's been quiet since then, but now you can see the full trailer for the movie below.

The flick is directed by Wolfgang Meyer and written by Brandon Slagle. Slagle also stars in the film, alongside Dee Martin, Devanny Pinn (below), Andrew Roth, Andrea Chen, Tony San Miguel, and Olivia Baseman. The filmmakers are currently narrowing their distribution options, so hopefully it will see a release before the year's end.

The film follows Lukas Reyes (Slagle), who is trapped in a seemingly endless loop between parallel existences, one being occupied by his spouse, Sera (Chen), and another being occupied by a relation from another life, Nara (Pinn). As worlds seem to begin colliding and further bleeding into one another, he finds himself pursued by a group of shadow-men known as "The Knowers". The common thread between everything being a significance with the time 11:45 - fifteen minutes until midnight.

Extra Tidbit: A sequel, entitled 15 PAST MIDNIGHT, is already being scripted.
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