Eric Red's Bigfoot film No Man's Ridge on track to begin production this summer; new artwork

Back in September of last year we told you about an upcoming Bigfoot-themed film titled NO MAN'S RIDGE from writer-director Eric Red, sharing a sizzle reel and some early art with you. Today we have a word that the film is on track to begin production in Wyoming this summer and, along with that news, we have some new artwork to share with you below.

We're big fans of Red's work around here, so the news that he is making a Bigfoot film excites us. Red may be best known as the writer of THE HITCHER and NEAR DARK, or from his directorial work on BODY PARTS, BAD MOON and 100 FEET, so it's safe to say that the guy knows horror and will no doubt deliver something truly extraordinary with NO MAN'S RIDGE.

The film is about a  group of extreme hunters who embark on an expedition in the mountains of Wyoming to hunt the most coveted big game trophy of them all: Bigfoot. 

We'll be keeping an eye on this project and will be sure to update you on news regarding the flick as we hear it. Check out the latest artwork from NO MAN'S RIDGE below.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite Eric Red film?



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