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Escandalo Films is ready to bare its Fangs with new horror-fantasy flick

01.25.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Spanish production company Escandalo Films is getting ready to adapt the novel COLMILLOS, aka FANGS, a popular fantasy horror tale from writers Salvador Macip and Sebastian Roig.

FANGS concerns a troubled teen who is kidnapped, shuttled to a house in the mountains, and forced to work as a slave. The only escape is through a dark forest where mysterious, savage creatures lurk.

Flick - which is compared to THE DESCENT in Variety - is set to be directed by Alberto de Toro, who will co-write the screenplay with author Macip. De Toro is a longtime editor who is making his directorial debut on the pic.

Film Factory Entertainment is carrying international rights to FANGS, which is expected to commence shooting in September. No cast has been announced yet.

Extra Tidbit: FANGS director Alberto de Toro edited the spoof SPANISH MOVIE, which stars Michelle Jenner (pictured above).
Source: Variety



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