Evan Goldberg & James Weaver talk AMC's Preacher series and what to expect

We have been hearing rumblings of an adaptation of Garth Ennis' "Preacher" for a long time, finally hearing confirmation that the comic series would be heading to the small screen with funnyman Seth Rogan onboard to produce back in February. In March we had some more insight on the upcoming AMC series from Evan Goldberg who, alongside Rogan and James Weaver, will be handling producing duties on the show. Goldberg shared that the television show will stick to the original comics storyline as closely as possible, much to the delight of fans. Now Goldberg and Weaver have shared more details on "Preacher", talking with Collider about the look of the series, mapping out the budget, where it fits in their schedule, the support from AMC, and more.

Goldberg shared...

We have not had “look” conversations with them yet.  Garth Ennis and Neal Moritz are involved and Sam Catlin, who did Breaking Bad, is doing it with us, and AMC and all of us are just talking about the three main characters right now.  We’re not talking about the visuals whatsoever.  We all agree it’s a story about three characters, and we need to crack that for television, and we’ve been meeting with Sam to try and get that done.  But there have been no visual conversations yet, but I imagine it will lean heavily on the fact that it is a Southern American, Texas-based story for the large potion of it.  And when you chat with Garth, it’s clear that cowboy movies were a massive influence, so I feel like we’ll probably derive some of our look from that.  But we also want to be as original as possible.  We definitely haven’t gotten into the visual part of the conversation yet.

Weaver adds...

We definitely set it up with AMC though that it needs to be an epic sort of series.  You’re going to have to be smart in terms of how you contain certain kinds of things, but at the end of the day the comic goes where the comic goes.  The comic goes to all of these places and you have to represent that stuff too.

Goldberg goes on to share that it's still too early to determine just how the show will be handled and that there is still much to discuss before it heads in front of the cameras:

With Preacher, there’s too many talented people involved to know who’s going to do what quite yet.  Like Sam Catlin, we didn’t really know him, and it’s like, “This guy is a fucking genius.”  He’s so smart.  And Neal Moritz is a producer that can make anything happen.  I don’t know how the boat will be manned.

We're still a long ways off from seeing "Preacher" on AMC, but the wheels are definitely in motion to make it happen. We'll keep you posted on news regarding "Preacher", including casting news, as we hear it.

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Source: Collider



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