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09.26.2006by: Matt Withers

Hey kids, got a sweet treat for ya'll to check out today. Director Johannes Roberts (FOREST OF THE DAMNED) is working on a 20-part horror series made specially for mobile viewing. It's called WHEN EVIL CALLS and should be a good bit of fun based on the concept that Jo dropped on us:

It stars Hostelís Jennifer Lim, Dominique Pinon, Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf) as well as Piers Brosnanís son Sean, and Ray Winstoneís daughter Lois. Shaun Hutson also cameos. It is a darkly comic tale set in a school where the kids get a text offering them a wish which then comes true in the worst way possible. It is very gory and special effects packed.

Kinda WISHMASTER-y sounding sure, but check out the images they have for you to browse at the Official Site for proof this one is doing its own damn thing. Not only is the red wet stuff clearly in evidence, you also get a nice shot of a chick we have to presume wished for bigger boobs. Nice!

And be sure to swing by their site later in the week for the trailer drop!

Source: Official Site



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