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03.20.2009by: Mike Catalano

You know what? If you’ve got a good idea for an independent horror film, but lack sufficient funds to get it made, it doesn’t mean you’re finished. There’s always a chance. You just need to think a bit more creatively like fresh filmmaker Dominic Perez did. See, Mr. Perez lost his job on Wall Street because of this f*cking economic crisis. Instead of getting down, he decided to fulfill his life-long dream of making a horror flick. EVIL THINGS was what came forth. Check out the plot to learn how Perez made it on a very modest budget:

Five college students travel to the country house belonging to one’s aunt for a weekend vacation/birthday celebration. During their drive, they realize someone’s following them, and that someone begins tormenting and killing them once they arrive at the remote house, with all the terrorization captured on one of the friends’ video camera.

Yes, Perez is shooting this one BLAIR WITCH-style. Hey, I haven’t seen a slasher done this way, so it may work. The girls in the pic up top sure seem nicely frightened. Even the trailer (below) and website (here) seem to be sticking extremely close to the “BLAIR” formula. See for yourself.

The cast is made up of Laurel Casillo, Morgan Hooper, Torrey Weiss, Ryan Maslyn, Elyssa Mersdorf and Gail Cadden. Perez is currently taking EVIL THINGS on the festival circuit in the midst of seeking distribution.

Extra Tidbit: The flick was shot in 7 days.
Source: Fangoria



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