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Excl: B.Rayne 2 teaser!

04.28.2007by: The Arrow

BLOODRAYNE 2 DELIVERANCE is on the verge of being shopped around at the upcoming Cannes Market and we got the fangs up on the TEASER that will be used to pimp the flick. Moreover, we nabbed its Official Synopsis as well. Uber hottie Natassia Malthe (which you can see on top) plays Rayne (replacing Kristanna Loken from the original) and the sequel is tackled by Uwe Boll (who also helmed the first film). Click the pic below to see the Teaser and scroll down to read the Synopsis.


Synopsis: Newton Piles (CHRIS COPPOLA), a reporter on assignment for the Chicago Chronicle, has come to Deliverance, Montana, to write tales of the Wild West. But until the railway comes through next week, Deliverance is the quietest town on the frontier. All of that is about to change. Led by Billy the Kid (ZACK WARD), a hoard of evil cowboys goes on a rampage, slaughtering townspeople and rounding up children. Billy spares Newton’s life, promising to give him the greatest story ever told.

Behind the decimation of Deliverance is the diabolical and out of control Billy the Kid (ZACK WARD). A 357-year old Transylvanian vampire, Billy is hell-bent on creating his own kingdom in the New World. Using the railway, he is building an army of cowboy vampires to take over the country. But Billy meets his match in Rayne (NATASSIA MALTHE). The product of the unnatural union of a vampire and a human, Rayne is a Dhampir: she wields all the powers of a vampire, yet none of the weaknesses. Born over a century earlier in Romania, Rayne has been hunting vampires for a long time. Now she has her sites set on Billy.

Rayne rides through the woods and comes upon a farmhouse where, instead of a reunion with old friends, she discovers what’s left of their ravaged bodies. Outside the house, a man is waiting for her, and before he can level his shotgun, she has unsheathed one of her swords and points its tip at his crotch. Thus Rayne meets the legendary Pat Garrett (MICHAEL PARE). The two part ways, but they will meet again.

In Deliverance, Rayne discovers a town overrun with vampire cowboys and she does her best to extinguish them with silver bullets. But the town has gone bad and the vampire sheriff (JOHN NOVAK) condemns her to the gallows. Rayne manages to escape, but while on the run she is shot.

Pat Garret rescues her and she tells him she needs blood to heal. He cuts his arm to indulge her, and she almost devours him. He breaks free from her clutches and Rayne is as good as new. Like Rayne, Garret is a member of Brimstone, the vampire hunting society, and they need to find new initiates. Thus, they recruit two unlikely members for their posse: a dishonest preacher (MICHAEL EKLUND) and low life Franson (MICHAEL TEIGEN).

The old west will never be the same again when Pat Garret, BloodRayne and the Brimstone posse ride into Deliverance for one hell of a showdown against Billy the Kid and his evil army of vampire cowboys. A tale of how the West was won, BloodRayne 2: Deliverance has intrigue, secret societies, Gattling guns, heroes, villains and vampires!

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