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Excl: Day/Dead reshoots?

06.18.2007by: Eric Walkuski

We'll keep this one short and sweet: DAY OF THE DEAD scribe Jeffrey Reddick was kind enough to give me a few bits of wisdom concerning the M.I.A. remake of George Romero's classic.

I'm not sure when the movie's coming out. I know they're doing some reshoots very soon...and the production company, Nu Image, recently bought First Look...so they're still strategizing on the release date. They're aiming for a Fall release, but it depends on how quickly they get the reshoots done.

Is he penning the new pages?

Yeah, I'm doing the re-writing...for the most part. Steve [director Steve Miner] does like to write sometimes too though. The good news is that Nu Image is really behind the film. I was worried after the low box office of recent releases...but it hasn't spooked them.

Brief news, but still interesting. Reshoots don't automatically mean bad things - it at least shows the company has enough faith in the project that they're not just going to dump it. Apparently, they're still gunning for a theatrical release.

As soon as we hear more concerning the remake, we'll fire it up!

Mena Suvari relaxes after a stressful day of killing zombies...

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