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Excl: Of Silence stills

07.29.2009by: Mike Catalano

A couple months back, I gave you guys an update on an interesting indie from genre maven Jeremiah Sayys called OF SILENCE. Today, I’d like to proudly present a whole slew of exclusive images from the still-in-production film. As with every time a large number of stills are bestowed upon me, I’ve picked my favorite and posted it up top. There’s just something about an evil death stare from a hot, bloodied woman that gets my ticker a-thumpin’. The lovely lady above is sexy star, Masiela Lusha (BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE), and the back of that dude’s head belongs to Sayys himself pulling quadruple duty as actor, writer, director, and producer.

Here is the plot that involves these pics: The story centers on a scuba-diving instructor who’s life is falling apart. An inner-ear condition prevents him from teaching, so his business dries up and mounting bills and debts are closing in, all while he must cope with the suicide of his ex-wife. The pressure causes him to isolate himself, and soon he experiences strange events which may be linked to a world beyond our own.

Some out-there shite, right? The rest of Sayys’ cast includes Ashlee Gillespie (1st and 4rd pic below), Matthew Lawrence (2nd pic), Muse Watson (1st pic), Suzanne Ford (1st pic), Najarra Townsend (3rd pic), and Paul Cuneo. Once we receive word of a wrap and/or release date, I will definitely let you hear it.

Extra Tidbit: I have never been scuba diving (seen the opening of JAWS 2 too many times, I guess).
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