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Excl: Pathology redband clips!

04.17.2008by: The Arrow

The promising looking PATHOLOGY will scalpel the screens (limited release) tomorrow (please be released in my town, please) and what better way to wet your taste buds than with these two EXCLUSIVE RED-BAND ON-SET FEATURETTES that were tossed our way by MGM. Check em out below!

PATHOLOGY tells the tale of a group of medical students using their skills to pull off the perfect murder. The flick was written by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor of CRANK fame and it's directed by Marc Schoelermann. Milo Ventimiglia and the ravishing Alyssa Milano are the leads! And the better news is: It's Rated R for disturbing and perverse behavior throughout, including violence, gruesome images, strong sexual content, nudity, drug use and language. MY KIND OF MOVIE!

On the set with Lauren Lee Smith

On set with Johnny Whitworth

Eviscerate the Official Pathology Site here!

Source: AITH



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