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01.03.2008by: The Arrow

Got an exclusive casting announcement for ya! Playboy hottie and softcore queen ASHLIE RHEY just joined the ever growing cast of Andrew Merkelbach's "alien virus turns peeps into zombies" opus DEAD COUNTRY.

Sexy Rhey has appeared in countless softcore / b-grade horror flicks like Bikini Drive-In, Witchcraft 7, Bikini Hoe-Down and Hollywood Scream Queens. In DEAD COUNTRY she will play the role of Cassie, a cheeky town resident whose bedtime fun-times is rudely interrupted by some uninvited guests.

Director Merkelbach had this to say about Rhey's casting: "We are really excited about the casting of Ashlie. She’s so much fun and damn, she still looks hot! We've really very lucky to have so many talented actresses involved with Dead Country."

DEAD COUNTRY also showcases Alex Vincent, Lloyd Kaufman, Christopher Showerman, Lisa Wilcox, William Butler and more! Check out its MYSPACE PAGE HERE for more info.

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