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Excl: Screamfest Announcement!

10.05.2006by: Ammon Gilbert

The good folk over at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival sent over an exclusive announcement happening at this year's closing dinner awards ceremony. Are ya ready? Are you sitting down, or holding something (and I'm not talking about your joystick!)? Ok. Get ready because...

Horror legend Clive Barker will not only be in attendance at the awards ceremony, but will be an honored guest as well!!! Aren't you glad I told you to sit down? This is very exciting news for the Film Fest, and a great way to close out the week! Barker, who's both a great horror author and film director, is practically a horror God, and to have him at this kind of horror film festival is quite the honor. Good shite!

For more info. on the awards ceremony, including time, date and location (for those lucky enough to be going), go ahead and click HERE, and be sure to head over the fest's OFFICIAL SITE for details on the week's screenings, which begin Friday, October 13th in Hollywood.
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