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Excl. Thxkilling clip!

11.09.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Like it or not, Thanksgiving is almost upon us here in the U.S., a time for sitting around and consuming mass amounts of beer and eating a ton of turkey. This year, however, the turkey's fighting back with THANKSKILLING, and we have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP from the film that features a ton of boobage and the killer turkey in question. Gobble, Gobble, Motherf*cker!

I'd like to say that I'm that clever to come up with that line, but that's the official tagline for the film, which is slamming onto DVD November 17th, just in time for the holiday. As if you even needed to know, but what's THANKSKILLING about? Check it: An evil turkey is unleashed...and he s one fowl mouthed bastard! Five college kids heading home for Thanksgiving break cross paths with the turkey, who s possessed by an ancient Indian curse. In this hilariously gory spoof, the teens must stop the maniac bird before he kills them all!

The exclusive clip is the film's opening sequence, featuring a topless pilgrim played by porn star Wanda Lust as she runs away (topless, mind you) from the horror that is a talking, axe wielding turkey! This sucker ain't safe for work, but it is rated A for awesome!

Enjoy the exclusive clip, listen to Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast this Wednesday for some more cool stuff on THANKSKILLING, pre-order the badboy right HERE, and get ready for THANKSKILLING on DVD everywhere November 17th!


Extra Tidbit: THANKSKILLING was shot in 11 days.
Source: AITH



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