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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Oculus Star Karen Gillan!

Apr. 8, 2014by: JimmyO

Any fan of Doctor Who should be very familiar with the name Karen Gillan. In fact, with the upcoming release of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, nearly everybody will be familiar with the talented actress. Thankfully, Ms. Gillan is giving genre fans a little something that is pretty damn scary. In OCULUS, she portrays a young woman who sets out to convince everyone she can that a possessed mirror was responsible for a horrible family tragedy.

When I sat down with the lovely and charming actress she discussed the character of Kaylie and how close she related to her. As well we talked about working with another talent, director Mike Flanagan and bringing his vision to life. While we didnt get into GUARDIANS, its safe to say that we will be seeing a whole lot more from Karen. If you want to see a truly creepy horror flick, check out the smart and satisfying OCULUS this Friday at a theatre near you.


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