Exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Greg McLean's Wolf Creek 2

Now here's something worth losing your head over!

Today we have an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes look at Greg McLean's highly anticipated WOLF CREEK 2, which is set to hit VOD on April 17 before moving onto a limited theatrical run May 16th with Image Entertainment distributing. Our main man The Arrow has heaped a lot of praise on the sequel, calling it 'the best horror film of the year so far' in his review HERE, so that gets me even more stoked to check this badboy out.

So let's get right into it! This EXCLUSIVE BTS clip from WOLF CREEK 2 explains how they shot the scene of the foreign hiker's head (Rutger played by Philippe Klaus) getting cut off by everyone's favorite Aussie serial killer Mick Taylor (played by John Jarratt). Here's hoping the film is filled with plenty of gory moments like this!

Seeking to experience the real Australia, backpackers Rutger (Klaus) and Katarina (Ashlyn) hitchhike off the main tourist route to the awe-inspiring Wolf Creek crater. A place that's also the hunting ground of psychopathic pig-shooter Mick Taylor (Jarratt): the last man any outback traveller wants to meet. After a chilling attack in the dead of night, the crazed bushman pursues his prey in an epic, white-knuckled rampage across hostile wasteland that pushes his victims to the brink of madness. When Mick locks onto his prey, nothing -- and no-one -- can stand in his way.

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