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EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Cloutier's next film about Original Night Stalker

03.22.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Cameron Cloutier, director of the horror indie IT'S MY PARTY, AND I'LL DIE IF I WANT TO, recently gave us an update on what he's up to next, an intriguing project called BIRD WITH A BROKEN WING, about the infamous (and uncaught) "Original Night Stalker".

Here's what Cloutier wrote to me about BROKEN WING: It is based on the true story of Janelle Lisa Cruz who was the last known victim of the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker (The E.A.R./O.N.S.). This serial killer is responsible for numerous break-ins, dozens of rapes, and up to tn murders (between the years 1976-1986)--but to this day has never been caught. This case even lead to Prop 69 being passed in CA a few years ago, which would make it mandatory for serial offenders to give a DNA sample.

The film will follow Janelle through her life while the E.A.R./O.N.S. commits his crimes, step by step until they meet that fateful night. May 5, 2011 will mark the 25th anniversary of her death.

The film is based on my research of the cases and interviews with the families, which has now led to the FBI to look closer at a few suspects.

Legendary FRIDAY THE 13th composer Harry Manfredini has signed on to do the score.

Sounds like an ambitious flick. Once some casting news comes up, we'll let you know.

Extra Tidbit: I was frankly unaware of this E.A.R./O.N.S. character; how about you?
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