Exclusive: Celebrities share their first horror movie experiences

Throughout the year, we have been asking celebrities about their first experiences with the horror genre and which scary movies have had the greatest impact on them. We've been able to assemble some great answers from a whole lot of familiar faces, and as part of our Halloween celebration we have compiled the answers together to share with you in the video below.

Classics are mentioned, and there are also some surprises in there. It's interesting to hear what some of the interviewees considered to be horror elements in films that aren't necessarily, or definitely aren't at all, labeled as horror.

Featured in the video are Bruce Campbell, Keanu Reeves, Bryce Dallas Howard, Guillermo del Toro, Jessica Chastain, Lucy Lawless, Jack Black, Hailee Steinfeld, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more, including a fun extended chat with Elijah Wood. I'm very happy to see that he's continuing to promote Tim Ritter's 1986 shot-on-video classic TRUTH OR DARE?: A CRITICAL MADNESS, a movie he often talks about when horror is brought up. 

To see it all, just press play: 

Extra Tidbit: What was your first horror movie experience?



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