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EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Flying skeletons??? Nice! Damned by Dawn baby!

03.01.2011by: The Arrow

The debut feature from writer-director Brett Anstey DAMNED BY DAWN has been getting great word of mouth thus far (it's being compared to EVIL DEAD...all good) and soon UK peeps will be able to clock it as it will be released on DVD (cert. 15) by Momentum Pictures on March 7th 2011. Now we got a pretty cool "flying skeletons" exclusive clip for yall! Check it out below!

DAMNED BY DAWN is about: Prompted by the arrival of a mysterious package from her terminally ill grandmother (Dawn Klingberg), Claire (Renee Willner) drags her reluctant new boyfriend, Paul (Danny Alder), off to meet her family at their remote country home where she hopes she will discover the motivations behind the unexpected gift. Things seem to be going well until Claire’s heavily medicated gran begins rambling on about a female spirit she is expecting to come in the night to escort her body into the afterlife.

That night, as a violent thunderstorm rocks the house, the family is awoken by a succession of piercing, otherworldly shrieks, which prove to be the cries of a banshee. As the terrifying sounds ring out, the dead are summoned to rise again, so beginning a waking nightmare for Claire and her family as the banshee and her army of the undead unleash their fury upon the living.

The film stars Renee Willner, Bridget Neval, Dawn Klingberg and Danny Aldert. You can get the UK DVD here! I am pumped to see it!



Extra Tidbit: Special Features include: audio commentary by director and crew; making of featurette; trailer; optional English subtitles for the hard of hearing.



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