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Exclusive clip from Altar starring Olivia Williams and Matthew Modine

02.12.2015by: Eric Walkuski

Spooky supernatural thriller ALTAR is headed to DVD next week, and to help get you prepared we've got an exclusive clip from the Nick Willing film. Said clip features Olivia Williams combating some creepy, unexplainable occurrences. Dunno bout you but I hate when stuff like this happens to me!

Also starring Matthew Modine, Antonia Clarke and Steve Oram...

Altar follows a family, who moves into a timeworn, dilapidated country mansion in order to restore its former splendor. But, in the process, they awaken the ghosts of the house’s original inhabitants whose curse still looms darkly over the haunted estate. What follows is a hair-raising ordeal of spectral apparitions and demonic possession that threatens to destroy the lives of the desperate protagonists in this early realm and beyond.

ALTAR hits DVD on February 17th; pre-order right HERE.



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