Exclusive clip from Chiller's Killer Legends focuses on Killer Clowns!

Scared of clowns? Of course you are; we all are. They're terrible, and for a litany of reasons. Whatever your personal prejudice against clowns might be, it seems as though the folks of Chicago have a legitimate reason to be fearful of the jovial bastards - there's a genuine "killer clown" legend in the Windy City!

Today we've got an exclusive clip from Chiller TV's upcoming special "Killer Legends", which comes from CROPSEY director Joshua Zeman and co-host Rachel Millss, and the clip in question focuses on Chicago's bizarre history with scary clowns.

Here's a bit more info:

In Chicago, the filmmakers investigate the “phantom clown” scares that have been spontaneously occurring since the 1980s. In cities across the globe, clowns have been spotted in vans trying to snatch children. Is this just a case of hysteria, manifested by fears of coulrophobia (the fear of clowns), or is there something much more serious at work? Chicago’s creepy clown past, from John Wayne Gacy to Bozo, is explored in an attempt to answer the question of how clowns became so evil, and why they continue to haunt our nightmares.

This hair-raising two-hour event focuses on four timeless urban legends that continue to haunt the psyche of the American public. This horror documentary follows filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills as they investigate the true crimes that may have spawned these urban legends, while exploring how these myths evolved and why we continue to believe.

"Killer Legends" premieres on Sunday, March 16th, on Chiller. For more info, hit the official site.



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