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Exclusive Clip: Surrounded by zombies in John Geddes' Exit Humanity

Jun. 8, 2012by: Andy Madrzak

John Geddes' civil war era zombie flick EXIT HUMANITY hits DVD and VOD as soon as June 19th, so what better time to exclusively bring you this badass new clip from the movie. Check it out below.

In the aftermath of the Civil War an unexplained outbreak of the walking dead claims the life of Edward Youngs wife while his son disappears. This sets him off on a harrowing journey into the plagued countryside. Facing off challenges not just from the ferocious undead but also from the living, will Edward find an exit to the grotesque caricature of what humanity has become? The War might be over but the fight has just begun.

EXIT HUMANITY stars Mark Gibson, Jordan Hayes, Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley, Stephen McHattie and Brian Cox. You can preorder the movie right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The very presence of Bill Moseley is probably enough to sell me on this movie. Who else is up for some period zombie action?


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