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EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Prepare to get splattered with this intense scene from House of Fallen

08.16.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

Earlier this month Eric gave you some details about the upcoming HOUSE OF FALLEN, which is scheduled to hit DVD later this month.

Well we have a little treat in store for you, a brand new exclusive clip! This is a bloody clip, and it certainly shows there is some intense action going down. You can check it below! The flick was written and directed by Robert Stephens, it stars Corbin Bersen, C. Thomas Howell, William Gregory Lee, Robert Neal Marshall, David Sherrill, Jeff Wincott, Eleanor Drew, Marc Gable, Beth Harvey, Jayce O’Neal and Amelia Zontini.

The synopsis, The Watchers, a group of fallen angels, walk amongst the earth disguised as humans, torturing their vessels. In the hunt for prophetic truth, three strangers are put on trial for their past sins, and are forced to fight for survival in the face of an ancient evil. But in the war between heaven and hell, how do you kill what is already dead?

HOUSE OF FALLEN will hit DVD on August 23rd. Scope out the official site HERE and you can pre-order the flick HERE.

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