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EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Get tortured by Savage County!

06.01.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

SAVAGE COUNTY hit DVD yesterday courtesy of MPI Media Group. If you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, we've got your back as always. Below you can peep an exclusive clip of the slasher featuring the backwoods maniacs torturing and toying with one of their victims.

The film, which began as a web series before premiering on MTV last year, marks the feature debut of director David Harris, who co-wrote the script with Dan Alvarado. It stars Doug Haley, Mimi Michaels, Rebekah Graf, Ken Luckey, Melissa Carnell, Ana Ayora, Jimmy Crothswait, Patrick Cox and Jeff Pope.

Patrick and his friends should never have set foot on the Hardell family property. The stories are true, you see, and the Hardells - Willard, Kasper and Orry - are not friendly towards unwelcome guests. And so after a dare gone badly wrong, Patrick and his friends are on the run for their lives, the gruesome trio hot on their trail and out for blood.

Extra Tidbit: Did the clip make you want to see more or what?



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