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EXCLUSIVE: Details and line-up for 2nd Annual Pollygrind Film Festival

08.29.2011by: Eric Walkuski

If you're gonna be in Vegas in the middle of October, I've got an event that you're not going to want to miss: The second annual International PollyGrind Film Festival! A fest devoted to various grungy, grindhouse and underground independent films, it runs from OCTOBER 7-16 - and we've got the line-up for you!

Among the world premieres:

Finger Bang
The Las Vegas Abductions
Mondo Sexxx: The Terry Kobrah Story
The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol
Dear God No!
The Girl Who Wasn't Missing
The Los Angeles Ripper

And here's a list of the film that will have their Las Vegas premieres at the fest:

The Uh-Oh Show
The Bunny Game
The Oregonian
Breath of Hate
The Darkest Corner of Paradise
Planet of the Vampire Women
The Summer of Massacre
15 till Midnight
My Demon Within
Zooey & Adam
Run Run Its Him
Seeking Wellness: Suffering Through Four Movements
Night of the Pumpkin
Sella Turcca
The Super
El Monstro Del Mar
The Taint
Frankie in Blunderland

The fest will also have the US premieres for A Day of Violence and The Earl Sessions.

All-Access Festival Passes will go on sale September 1. Limited number of 20 will be sold for $77. That is a $238 value of 34 features for less than a $100.

That's not all, however...

The international event, dubbed Las Vegas' premiere underground film festival, will not only be giving away close to $10,000 in software prizes from Sony Creative, Final Draft and Red Giant Software, but deluxe sub-distribution packages from Apprehensive Films and Wild Eye Releasing, as well as arthouse distribution contracts from venue host theatre7 and DVD distribution from Breaking Glass Pictures.

For more info, head on over to the fest's official site.

THE OREGONIAN star, Lindsay Pulsipher

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