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Exclusive featurette for Dead Rising: Watchtower starring Rob Riggle

07.28.2015by: Eric Walkuski

DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER debuted back in the spring on Crackle, but it's now getting to spread its wings and reach the rest of the globe via a wide DVD/VOD release (which, incidentally, it hasn't yet received in the states). Today we're debuting a featurette that goes behind the scenes of the zombie mayhem, as you get a look at the bloody slicing and dicing that took place on set. Plus you get to hear from castmembers Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, and more!

Dead Rising: Watchtower follows Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe), a reporter trying to make it big – but the pursuit of his career-defining story leads him into the heart of a zombie-infested warzone. East Mission, Oregon is locked down after police find the bodies of what appear to be victims of a zombie attack. Zombies are not a new phenomenon, but outbreaks are uncommon. Past incidents were only just contained in time and the country is nervous. When two ambitious Net 2.0 reporters, Chase and his colleague Jordan, get inside the quarantine zone to report on a large group of civilians trapped in an inner city dome stadium, they realize they’re waiting for a rescue that isn’t coming.

Ready to find out when/where DEAD RISING will be available internationally on iTunes, VOD Platforms, DVD & Blu-Ray? It's already available in South East Asia, Latin America (except Brazil and Mexico, coming soon), Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, UK & Ireland, Africa (except South Africa, coming soon); on Wednesday July 29th in Australia; on Friday July 31st in Germany and Austria; on Wednesday August 5th in Mexico; Monday August 10th in New Zealand; Wednesday August 19th in Brazil; Thursday August 20th across Scandinavia and Tuesday September 1st in Italy, France, Switzerland and South Africa.

Whew! If you don't have DEAD RISING by the end of summer, you might as well live on the moon.



Spitting Bullets
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1:34PM on 07/28/2015

Cool one

It was cool. Robb Riggle was his usual funny self, but Watchtower was pretty damn cool.
It was cool. Robb Riggle was his usual funny self, but Watchtower was pretty damn cool.
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