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EXCLUSIVE: Two clips from the revenge thriller Sweet Karma!

06.09.2011by: Eric Walkuski

We have 2 exclusive clips (one of them is pretty racy, NSFW) from the upcoming thriller SWEET KARMA (directed by Andrew Thomas Hunt, starring Shera Bechard) which is about a mute woman single-handedly going up against the Russian mob. Right up our alley! Check them out below! It should be said that the flick won the Next Wave Award at Fantastic Fest and is an Official Selection of Fantasia Fest.


SWEET KARMA's synopsis: Karma Balint is a shy, mute Russian woman whose sister Anna left for Canada with bright hopes of making some money for the two of them. But after being whisked away by the Russian recruiter of Canada-bound ’housemaids,’ Anna never sent the money, she never wrote back’, she just disappeared. When Karma discovers that Anna’'s body has been found in the woods on the outskirts of Toronto, the apparent victim of a Russian mafia hit, she sets off on a bloody, intercontinental trail of revenge that sees her face off ’armed with only two hands, a calculating brain and a hefty dose of willpower ’ with some of the sleaziest elements of Toronto’'s organized criminal underground.

The film will be available on DVD and Video On Demand starting on JUNE 14th. Check out the official site HERE. To pre-order the DVD, click right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: SWEET KARMA star Shera Bechard (above) was Playboy's Miss November 2010!



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