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EXCLUSIVE: Kim Ji-Woon updates us on The Last Stand, starring Liam Neeson

02.25.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Earlier today I had the extreme pleasure of meeting South Korean director Kim Ji-Woon. If the name isn't familiar, you'd better make it so: the man is quickly becoming one of the coolest helmers on the globe. Having made a name for himself with the psychological thriller A TALE OF TWO SISTERS (which was remade as THE UNINVITED a few years ago), he's really become a fanboy favorite these last couple of years with his fantastic western THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD and his newest effort, the uber-violent festival hit I SAW THE DEVIL (which begins its theatrical roll-out in the states on MARCH 4th in NY and LA).

While I spoke to Mr. Kim primarily about I SAW THE DEVIL, I found some time at the end to ask what he's got coming up next; last November, it was reported that he'd be taking on his first English-language action flick, a project called THE LAST STAND, set to star Liam Neeson. I inquired if that was still in the cards... (Keep in mind that Kim speaks through an interpreter, so these are the latter's actual words.)

"The project is still on-going. At this point, about a week ago I sent my latest adaptation of the project to the studio. I'm awaiting their answer. As I hear, so far they're positive about it. If everything goes as planned and there's no problems in between, we could possibly see this film shooting in August or September of this year."

I then asked if Liam Neeson was still attached to the project. Kim:

"It's not signed yet, but he's probably the closest to being in it."

If you're curious, THE LAST STAND is about a small-town sheriff on the US/Mexico border who has to take down a drug cartel kingpin. Let's hope like hell it happens could the combination of Neeson and Kim could bring some friggin' wonderful results.

Keep your ears open for the entire interview with Kim Ji-Woon, which will air on the Arrow in the HEad Podcast in the coming weeks.

Extra Tidbit: Kim said that there are currently no plans to remake I SAW THE DEVIL, so everybody exhale...
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